Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Confused concepts of education

Reactionaries even 100 years ago forgot to read the literature that made us who we are .Even when they read it ,they forgot how to respect it ....and learn from it .
Their half baked education makes them think technology is the substance of science's value . Their exposure to great literature through ARTS degrees & their reactionary teachers only leading to deconstructed dumbness; strangely inoculating them from its real power -- even now.
ABCchurch retreat to a huddle when threatened by the complexity of the real world. Fear seems to prevent them waiting in wonder as true scientists do . They,  like our society,  fall for the myth that because we have eyes our Creator will by right grant us the ability to see. Terrible thought - we might not know enough to be right .
Significantly this week one of Australia's intellectuals makes a mild confession---- lost to a generation . That one of the best ways to teach is to tell stories . 
Quality or Quality - the former never found by the numbers merchants
One of the worst ways to teach is to teach arguments as though they are equations; words as though they were worlds and phrasing as though words themselves were the only things that mattered.