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Testing and Tracing

The emphasis of this blog has always been , not only to look beyond the mere technical use of a simple  idea as a savior, ( The purists view)  but to resist the momentum and waste developed by the quick fix wannabes who insist on their half baked solutions - usually under the mandate of being ; elected to spend " .  There is nothing wrong with testing and tracing , -just HOW it is used. This blog has asserted  that abuse of scientific principles is not only common , as Whitehead expected . but the failures often increase the number of new quick fixes and their failures as a result - very wasteful and unsustainable. The reason why wannabes and purists,  can't see the end from the beginning is because,  not only can they they NOT SEE the end from the beginning, or the range of oncosts , externalities or unexpected consequences,   but also because of their religion ( worship of technique) they don't want to wait for the full story or process controls needed - these people jus

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