Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Researching the Health of Australians- whose the biggest donkey here ?

RE : Fines for those who don't cooperate with a survey
The theme of this blog is,  in short,  that the greatest evil to sound science is done in the name of the best intention - research that tells us nothing more than we already know,  or could deduce from existing opportunities.   Perhaps a subclause  to this site could be that the greatest evil is done in the name of presumptions about our good intentions .( The Post modern innocents)
( Why is all this nanny stuff happening?   Another question HERE and HERE )

Governments have convinced themselves they care .......when the only thing that works is when people care ! Worse , they don't understand the human condition because they assume that lecturing us actually works  ( When will the Libs wake up and call it not just "political advertising" but" pathetic parent advertising"or ADDs advertising (Authors Dumb/dopey  Disorder)  - do they not have children?
How many  people will admit how often they do the wrong thing with food ? Typically they are going to spend millions on trying to identify the problem - multiply by....if they ever find out HOW to treat it !

Videos around  Mackas would give more cost effective data than these grand ambitions of our leaders to know more about us - extracting  valuable information from questionaires is a typical warning signal for MC risk
I'd fine people for only half filling forms out,  rather than for not filling them out . You know what election voting is like . Less than half the donkeys are ever rounded up ,
What do you think ?