Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Confused concepts of education

Reactionaries even 100 years ago forgot to read the literature that made us who we are .Even when they read it ,they forgot how to respect it ....and learn from it .
Their half baked education makes them think technology is the substance of science's value . Their exposure to great literature through ARTS degrees & their reactionary teachers only leading to deconstructed dumbness; strangely inoculating them from its real power -- even now.
ABCchurch retreat to a huddle when threatened by the complexity of the real world. Fear seems to prevent them waiting in wonder as true scientists do . They,  like our society,  fall for the myth that because we have eyes our Creator will by right grant us the ability to see. Terrible thought - we might not know enough to be right .
Significantly this week one of Australia's intellectuals makes a mild confession---- lost to a generation . That one of the best ways to teach is to tell stories . 
Quality or Quality - the former never found by the numbers merchants
One of the worst ways to teach is to teach arguments as though they are equations; words as though they were worlds and phrasing as though words themselves were the only things that mattered.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why don't we learn the basics

Say about cooking ? Like  keeping a good balance between salt sugar and fat .How to cut corn ( nicolosis post on FB)

Weird isn't it - all the cooking shows and lectures on good health and yet so many don't have a good framework for enjoying sugar and fat; good old fat !( leave it on the outside if you can )

Is the problem a symbol of how we live life? - without a sense of recipe? ; Sure we have all the warnings about poor ones ( too much sugar or fat )
I  know from my own experience science (esp chemistry)  does help cut through the fog of too many recipes but life life its too short a time ( at dinnertime ) to go experimenting .

The TV appeals to our sense of adventure without really helping us get there

Because we don't develop a working knowledge of "what works " by following guidelines, we don't " move on" to decide what makes a recipe even better!
The joy of discipleship is being missed by too many!?

Say about life 

--life its too short a time to go experimenting .
 --TV appeals to our sense of adventure without really helping us get there
--we don't really " move on"  we love the illusion  that we are when are in cul desacs
---it is liberating to see where we went wrong 

--it is liberating to decide what makes a recipe even better!

 The joy of discipleship is being missed by too many!

Friday, April 25, 2014

What ever happened to the Carbon Tax ?

Well something did , and it divided the nation . Share your view of what scientific and political elements undermined the effectiveness of the political campaign by completing the questionnaire. Please observe the categories - None of us like others speaking for us who don't practice or have the experience . I don't think the survey will teach us much ( God knows the country is littered with the rubbish they create), because few if any of us can claim much experience  but I hope it might identify some patterns between science practitioners and others and other specific issues for some readers.
Share it with anyone who s genuinely concerned to help us use our resources better . ( We all know there are plenty of people out there who don't care and can kill a good and necessary idea in seconds . Clearly there are many Liberal party supporters who fit this category quite well )

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monocultural madness

Seems to infect many who don't have time / haven't spent enough time properly studying the production systems on our planet . Hilter ; Breshnev and many others  did it and many economists still do it because they work on the surface and like things simple ( 2 columns bookkeeping ) Fears should be taken seriuosly not exploited by wannabes on the screen .
The dominance of IPA and imbecilic "Bang for you buck "( quantity over quality crap)  type talk from TURNBULL types in the Liberal party explains why conservatives are about as dumb as Labor on real production matters below the surface.
How dare the margin miners" ( my term)  treat their old partners in the productive sector( Nats ) with such contempt .over SPC and matters this week
Go Barnaby .  I would never move back to the city - they have forgotton how life works . Worse " what good can come from a country town they think" ( well just this wweek --Aaron Finch , Hodge and your icecream can !!!!)
These monocultural Libs know how to get rich themselves,  but have no idea of what makes a commonwealth work . Their myopic  focus on efficiency blinds them to thinking about wider effectiveness issues long term .

Politically too,  they are as dumb as monoculturalists get! Are they stupid enough to not realise that it is their arrogance that so offensive to the electorate and rightly so? November elections ??

If only life was as simple as cutting yourself some cake from the margins we could all become parasites .
Living life like leeches  ?Paradoxically the fungus looks after the algae in the most sustainable commonwealth in the earths history - Lots of our leaders have only ignorance and arrogance to recommend their brilliniance .

Monday, January 6, 2014

When to stop carrying the load

Do you concentrate on setting goals or are you busy walking and watching ( the systems you use to get places )
Having simple goals maybe neccesary for a job but what about a career?  Some smart arses will tell you there are no set  careers anymore which helps explains why they are forever learning , but never coming to a knowledge of the truth ; a final view of the country side and their place in it
I want my kids  to have a career because weare meant to become masters and mastering the territory takes time.  A systematic focus and satisfaction are bred through coping with a few bags to carry along the way  . If we carry a few too many bags up the hill fine .As long as we ditch a few once we have seen the view. You heard it first from the Sage at EA .

Top Management speak ." some people would make our lives too simple" Most good employers seek people who can work with a number of things " on their minds"( eg needs of those around them, the system in which they are working ) ( multibaggers - the idea being "bag" is bag of tricks or" the burden "of knowledge and skill to do the job by themselves ) )This tension exists ( in a good workplace) even though the employer wants his people to focus on the job at hand .( clear goals) .The problem then for selecting on attributes alone is "what balance in one person " is really going to make the system work better. 

Inevitably there are those who can file things really well ( single baggers) and should they become CEO's , i am outta here.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some light relief from the pedantry

Came across some great websites that help us cope with The Greeks amongst us

This Monty python sketch

Here's mine  

I don't want to sound dumb,  so I asked the hardest question I could think of
          Ecomia    Emperors Academy 

Rocks that are next to each other in Massachusetts now were also next to each other 400 million years ago.
-          Geology, Amherst College
Jellyfish don’t like it when you acidify their tank.
-          Marine Biology, St Andrews
Look at this zombie. Isn’t it racist and sexist? Yes, it is.
-          English Literature, DePaul University
FML: All my feelings are constructed.
-          Religion & Women and Gender Studies, Harvard

There was this Hittite king who might or might not have had a son, but definitely moved his seat of government from one place to another, and then his brother moved it back, and all 8 people who care are like “Why’d he do that? Tevs.”
-          Cuneiform Studies, University of Chicago