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Facing Denial- its real on both sides

There is none so blind as them that will not see - their own fact constructs . Climate Change advocates didn't listen in science or philosophy class. Phenomenon don't class as final facts and most logic is mere tenuous mind construct at best , ( see S Neiman)

Some recent examples in Australia show how one persons interpretation of what democracy means in a situation is used to deny or affirm its correct application as a principle in a particular situation.

 SSM and VAD legislation? Democracy at work or mind games at work ?
,The proponents for SMM argue either for the  former (the people)  while VAD advocates want the expert panel on how to kill yourself to be trusted .Its about winning not about logic
We all should see the logic is just mind construct , your facts vs my facts .

Its even more than that - despite all the denial in the unbelievers camp , the logic is tainted with faith  because faith is needed to give weight to mere facts
For SSM  advocates democracy is only righ…

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