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Biggest scoop of the new millenium

The governments ability to waste money on the environment . 
The last 40 years of dumbing down of the real challenges of living within our means on this planet has meant western governments/ public  have routinely wasted billions on environnemental tokens . The people have ignored the reality that these huge challenges need to be mediated by those who not only understand the complexity but the relative impossibility of helpful change .

Any way enough for now . You can help me make a list of politicians who have suffered from their own ignorance and arrogance on this.

You will get some idea of the depth of this stupidity if you think of how the major parties fair NO better than the simple and impractical Greens.

Australia only
Bracks and Thwaites ( water ) Gillard and Rudd (Carbon Tax ) Turnbull on following public approval 

 This  is just a start ;  a note to remind any readers that they have been living in the dark .
If you want to know how we can deduce this,  study science in pract…

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