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SSM - the logic of simple sameness mindsets

The world is not what it seems .  We are all created different ( natural diversity) yet somewhere inside the mind of western man an idea and an ideal has  permeated to the depths- that we are meant to treat each other as equals, How long this religious idea can last in now anyone's guess  when competing philosophies don't have it . True wisdom comes from not seeing the simple but seeing the competing paradoxes.
I am not going to bore you here with a long list of logical sequences from evidence I have provided to prove to you that I am right , because that stupid approach to learning is what is turning the West into a bunch of reactionary morons - who think they think science but who don't actually practice it .

I will ALSO have to make a jump here and say

Unless you have the full picture in mind your solution will not work
and if you ever get power you will get increasingly fanatical until you are removed from power ,
Minorities are notorious for exploiting the missing lin…

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