Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our wannabes talk like they are scientists, displacing those who are

It was refreshing to hear this week close to the election that some of the major party differences in policy, say on telecommunications , were coming from scientists, and not from politicians locked into their own ideas of what works.
How much optical fibre how much copper , how much  air transmission how much subsidy to areas the " competitors would never go .  
As an applied scientist, it’s very hard to watch some on the edge wannabes blundering through a list of wonderful sounding ideas when they clearly have no idea of how to implement them. It’s not a joke when we haven’t even got science and technology properly on the menu at our schools.
Believe me, The Greens hypocritical , reactive and unbelievable talk of a mentoring program this week goes down very, very poorly amongst those of us who have taught science and technology , and what really works,  for decades in our own backyards !  I

If your kids, as scientists, ever got to work for some of these wannabes, would they get a word in edgeways ?