Thursday, September 16, 2010

New public funded panic agencies

Nowhere is the complete waste from MC more evident than in the scaremongered  actions driven by governments.;  those irrational fears  that were often in the background where they belong,  develop somehow ( often through SMD)  into growth areas - dominating as the new often does , over reality and balance considerations, finally settling in the public mind  where its now so hard to shift .
Thoughtful citizens know that the truth is not in the hands who live in concrete and steel but who should provide advice on the complex matters of the environment.
Whose to say what the truth is ? Scientists of course ( we agree completely there - applied and experienced scientists)
This does include those with a piece of paper and a passion  who are promoted to lead the risk management institutions our dumb polys are creating to deal with risk . Such moves are totally unsustainable  so their culture remains one of " fear at home - fear out there" . The taxpayers live with that great cost and distraction of public funded panic agencies for the moment.
Polys,  to their own damnation , exploit the panic risk in the cities to drive agendas that in reality require great precision and care in someone else's backyard .With  risk management  advice,  once the fire is lit,  its hard ,if not impossible to put the blaze out.  The potential for blatant hypocrisy and projection too , should be evident to all who think deeper than the reactionaries who try to govern us .
Take the panic over water and the quick fix of Labor creating water . Take the ignorant stupidity of Tim  Holding who talked today on 3AW about  "weaning us off dams' ( patronising is a common consequence of going to SMD).   We would be better off with dams in the total risk and cost stakes ,  but he doesn't know that .History will prove him to be what he is - ignorant of the total picture.
As Craig Langdon has now revealed . the normal stupidity of polys is no longer mediated by the honesty of scientists in their control;They don't know and they don't admit they don't know .
( For the inexperienced risk managers now in charge , when a risk arrives you don't speak objectiely of its coming and going , of how to prevent it or any of that important focus ----you play it up to survive )
If I was a poly of any colour I wouldn't worry about the ignorance in the public mind but those whose advice can't simply be relied on.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Climatology - given priority status by the panic merchants

The excessive panic in the month of August in Victoria in 2010 over water flow on soils is largely an expression of the public minds preoccupation with only one area of science. Paradoxically the term is anachronistic referencing to historical  trands rather than the study of the present and the processes (weather and hydrology ) . The public think they are thinking ahead when they are clearly hooked on a idea of what "works "( they love technology not science) .
There are lots of other areas of science which provide much quicker and sounder access to predictive modelling on some of these matters than the kindergarten focus of monitoring that dominates Government vision lessness in many of these matters .
I won't list the areas of more relevant science that would be more useful  because the silly ministers who run this country will be off destabilizing the bureau with their latest and greatest half baked ideas which grow new shoots and just as quickly cut them off  . The wannabes want to be ahead of the game and  do all the talking,  instead of those who should be speaking.