Monday, March 14, 2011

Worry warriors need a reality check

 The unecessary negative effect of misapplied worry by non scientists and a desperate media is something readers should resist. Ignorance driven stuff  by the noisy and nosy reduces our children's faith in science and technology and therefore our ability to manage risk and build real resilience .
Its wrong too when people who are not practical  try to speak for those that are .A sound knowledge of chemistry and geology will limit the extent to which you worry about real disasters and work towards preventing another.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time to get serious about poverty and property politics

Pressures on people who try to live off the land are some of the most destabilizing influences in our world .The problem is that such strongly degraded land systems  are still far too common and they need not be .
My plea here is to abandon the traditional defence of left and right on the issue of property politics and recognise there is a way forward for rural communities ( particularly those in Asia and Africa who are still overly vulnerable to unecessary pressure on land ) that can be advanced by observers in the West . That is,  its specific technical  and objective but its , to warn , you very resistant to the technological fix mentality that characterises recent generation failure.
After watching my generation meddle in weighty matters of environment and agriculture,  its clearly time to offer a more objective view of how to help precarious agriculture communities become more sustainable and settled . Huge Agricultural and Environment political interests compete for public attention BUT do not work in each others best interests .The earth deserves better than the current cul de sac extremes of exploitation or enshrining. Current fashion is to offer societies self correction, but this is not objective and creates only more failure down the track .
I am aware as a long term practitioner in science of capability evaluation that there is great value in the practice of objective land science being used at a government level because some coercion and more objective vision is necessary for sustainable developments anywhere in planet earth - and for its sake

What's stopping the west from doing more about poverty problems in the east ? ( My point here is that we can't blame the Taliban for the problem because they are too close to it .The problem I have as a highly experienced and effective environmental risk management specialist is that so much aid and technology offered to the poor is STILL inappropriate and mistargeted.

The reason why my generation has done so little to reduce poverty in rural areas is simply because prejudice,  patronising and poor objectivity have driven our efforts .
 Once we understand and accept our need for place and space  we can help others find something sustainable for themselves.  Ask me if you want to know more . Lots of citations .
The government I worked for for 33 years has now lost sight of  how to be positively engaged in this matter and only an independent research review , to my mind , could revive it . I had one of the best jobs in the world and it would be great if even a few people could continue work in this area.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moving targets for Carbon action speak of sham

Lomborg has reminded Australians this week that MOST actions taken by other governments have not worked ( Danish windmills predicted to reduce the onset of a unhappy concentration target by ...... 7minutes ) and that a carbon tax will not solve the problem of direction and have great externalities ( pricing carbon to reduce  the use of it , Like Brumby has done in Victoria for water , is a shallow and pathetic piece of interference in an eco system they clearly do not understand )
Best of all , he has pointed to the ONLY reasonable consensus issue here - that we want to encourage research into alternative energy sources . Too many unthinking wannabes  see CO2 fears  as the way  to motivate this change.   Julia blames the opposition for running a fear campaign - not convincing : takes one to know one ?