Monday, May 2, 2011

Cleaning up our rivers by controlling our people

Getting some perspective on the environment
Tonights qanda may have illustrated why qanda makes so much noise,  but provides so little satisfaction . Intelligent people everywhere, but the ambition of the program is all wrong ; its quickfix - scientists know that simple solutions to complex problems are usually wrong , but do the public ? The environment is not simple;  let alone the human element on it .
In a move which seemed to me to symbolise the failure to put sound science competency before technology of action,  the correct plea by the university man to get researchers back in the bush seems to be ignored by Windsor. We've all seen wasted science effort ( so why does Tony mention the Cmas?)the point is - don't throw science out because you are impatient or cynical .
Windsor's hope appears to be in technology,  not science . That confusion and focus makes him likely to be a member of popular politics - -but it puts the possibility of sound science policies for resolution,  health and reasonableness in environment  on hold ( How dare they talk of localism when the only brand they are interested in is one size fits all solutions ; illustrated  by overpromoted NBN etc) - export of sound science on rural development to asia and china and the 3rd world is back on the back burner while we try vainly to clean up our rivers with nets and filters .Good science practice is prevention focused - much more efficient than always talking about problems !