Friday, July 15, 2011

Scaremongering - a phenomenon that is far too common

When you accuse others of scaremongering and you move beyond the key question ,you need to check yourself first ; the growing audience of skeptics out here ,hears all this emotion and goes " takes one to know one?' 
Thinking people need to show much more respect for science that they do. When you or I weigh in to " mere observation " arguments , we must be very careful - you need to test things properly . 
Flannery has done the cause of sound science great harm by talking about water shortages , islands flooding and so on -all things clearly outside of his expertise and his practical grasp of physics and science in practice.   I'll say it again . Q&A (ABCTV) in its current form, will go down in history as entertainment and tokenism to science . At least Ellul and Whitehead would agree with me - though it seems not many others - I can handle that . 
Time perhaps if you have a bit of skeptic still left in you,  to ask a few scientists YOU KNOW (who know something about physics ) what THEY think about testable and settled science and how well we do it TODAY. 

It totally out of order to add MORE and BIGGER storms, droughts and floods to a discussion that is even unclear regarding something as ephemeral as a simple rise in air temperature . 
Basic physics and geology tell us that when  we have ice ages ----we have less rain - not more . This "more floods "scenario came forward when we pointed out to dills like Flannery that global warming could be expected to result in more rain,(more clouds) not less . As for droughts  - we  know the practical stuff well enough to know we didn't need a desal plant -didn't stop another set of dills determined to deal dumbly with their fears and make our children pay money for nothin .

Follow the wannabes if you want , but don't be surprised if their fears are due to blatant ignorance or predjudice or both .