Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost causes

The riots in England last week thankfully raises a bit of interest in causes .Like our engagement in a car crash we are suddenly transported to another  world where we are more interested in our car speed excesses  than we normally are;Ignoring real causes is a real risk in the best of times.
Normally we can make excuses and blame someone some distance away.At home its harder to get away with blaming another. Doesn't stop us trying,eh!
A lack of personal responsibility is in there and a big cause but....... no we are not allowed to make anyone feel guilty .so we go looking for secondary causes .
When things are going well or when ongoing problems go unreported (eg loss of good teachers from schools) we can be tempted to assume things are going ok  for the world that nurtured feeds and clothes us .
Max Hastings and Peter Hitchens pointed summary of causes won't be welcomed by many, but the limp fisted list in BBC list of ten highlights that if a problem is coming for Austraila we will still be arguing/ researching it when it hits us.