Thursday, May 10, 2012

Faith in progress is failing

The inadequacy of our flirting with the faith of automatic progress is clearly indicated by our failure to learn and promote the past. Those who believe in progress as a faith in itself  are often now rationally excluding study of the past or failing to value the past (  includes , practice , professions and scientific progress ).
Evereyone knows we need a education revolution . The left are afraid that the only way to go forward is to properly look back.
Charles Darwin insisted that mechanism had a place in creation , but he strongly resisted  the pressure all around him at the time,  to allow those whose faith was in progress and "evolving" ( a real faith matter) . Spencer and others were ready to use his discoveries for their own ends . Darwin was ineffective , as the West has been in resisting this myth and simplification . Such faith as all faiths do creates a  sense of optimism . The "good thing"is that the fruit of this faith have now been born and rejected .
True, there is a lot of fanatical defence going on by those in charge,  to deny that in practice,  a faith in automatic progress with time  is  now too big a leap for the West to now keep making.

We are going broke as a result of such beliefs . To always be talking of " moovin on " is always to beg the question . Are we lost or just uncertain and restless and don't we know the territory well enough to rest yet ?
 Spencer's stuff degrades education by making future knowledge more important than the present and past . A faith that works talks about past present and future--- in the same paradigm . You heard it first at Emperors Academy 11 May  2012