Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Avoiding the Cliff

The purpose of this blog is to remind people about the road to productivity-Eco productivity  In a world which has both real limits and real renewables, it is seldom about the dumb stats  that most 2 dimensional sheet readers are preoccupied with . A sketch I made in 2007
Neither is it at big picture level about the sometimes desirable edging faster with more drugs and more cuts.
Short term gain = long term pain and EVERY GRADE and HOUSE should be taught it and insist on it being the stuff of life -- economics .
You only have to think about home to know about these things in a wise way - but who does . The TV teaches us to make short cuts and we ourselves kid ourselves about the pain and paying full price . We have no one to blame but ourselves and nowhere else to look but at ourselves first . More here