Tuesday, April 30, 2013

National Press Club loses its way , Today

If you want to know how to take risks, don't ask an accountant .Yet that what the NPC are doing today by listening to the CPA  . Hoping for some wisdom but happy with the same old platitudes .
If you wanna  picture of why Australia is losing its innovators ( normally risk takers ) just listen to the unending waffle that has come from Alex and many before him . All the same old weasal words but no one noticed .
 Most innovators are not well heeled . Well heeled usually comes in Australia from being competitive with the conventional -any new edge is on the edge of that slow moving substance.
 If you want innovators you have to go find them and interrupt them - they will seldom have time to talk to those who prefer the safety of a sound two column ledger or a press who wanna see you succeed before they will give you a ticket to succeed.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Left is confused about the nature of progress

Ever since Herbert Spencer and GB Shaw,  the reactionaries have been prone to running another series of myths about progress. While it has always been their own special doctrine ; that progress is wonderfully true and predictable stuff , when things fail ( WW's  and a pure secular education ..... you name em yourself ) , they have nowhere to go.
As Chesterton pointed out so well in his biography of Shaw ,  the reactionaries  are prone , not only to make evolution do far more than any mere selection process could ask or think,  they exaggerate the role of technology in solving our societies problems . Why is this so ? - you might well ask ? - Answer : because at the bottom of their series of heresies is despair of man , leaving them no choice (something other than man / that other bloke  must instigate hope ).

So Julia and her crew put money into technology  in schools ( not teacher training and curriculum ) , Conroy insists we must be into fibre because" its the latest thing"  . History will show these desperado's fail not just because their preference is for the quick fix ( see below on Copper, Glass and Rats ) but simply because they ignore their first premise with no promise ; they despair of man ( in contrast to the very very Best of the West , which they are,  like rats chewing on a bone - seeking to reject) They despair of men,  but when in power they believe governments can work miracles - The theology of the left  -

As  Jung   said the only problem in the future is man himself and the Labor party of today are doing all they can to ignore the real problem.

Copper,  Glass, Rats and real scientific discipline and their probable relevance
Having a longer association with copper will probably NOT slow us down in the big picture sense - Using old technology , like drinking milk , is only a threat if we think ourselves threatened;  if we don't run as fast as the other rats in the race.  I am not against technology imperatives but the evidence is that panic driven politics of the last few decades is destroying the science focused problem culture that I grew up in and had a good job in ( that job no longer exists BECAUSE the vision of working scientists on the edge of problem solving  is no longer there ) You tell me why the good jobs are no longer there then!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Changing your mind

Well trained scientists  should be able to design at least a few productive and predictable result  experiments because they have tested the ideas in their head before they spend time in the lab or before they go looking ( as you can with environment for clues on limits and feedback loops)
The real test of a good scientist might be that he or she knows something for themselves , not just because they are " told its true". They have empirical evidence and empirical confidence; levels of confidence .  Not that such  high "levels of confidence " mean we can't change our minds .

Being able to change our minds might just be one of the greatest tests of someone who is building their knowledge on a solid base .
Margaret Thatcher was a scientist who changed her mind on the significance of Global warming.  What will we make of that in the future? ; One of the few politicians who knew something about verification in science and was therefore not afraid to change her mind on some things . http://rsnr.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/early/2011/05/13/rsnr.2010.0096.full.pdf+html