Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monocultural madness

Seems to infect many who don't have time / haven't spent enough time properly studying the production systems on our planet . Hilter ; Breshnev and many others  did it and many economists still do it because they work on the surface and like things simple ( 2 columns bookkeeping ) Fears should be taken seriuosly not exploited by wannabes on the screen .
The dominance of IPA and imbecilic "Bang for you buck "( quantity over quality crap)  type talk from TURNBULL types in the Liberal party explains why conservatives are about as dumb as Labor on real production matters below the surface.
How dare the margin miners" ( my term)  treat their old partners in the productive sector( Nats ) with such contempt .over SPC and matters this week
Go Barnaby .  I would never move back to the city - they have forgotton how life works . Worse " what good can come from a country town they think" ( well just this wweek --Aaron Finch , Hodge and your icecream can !!!!)
These monocultural Libs know how to get rich themselves,  but have no idea of what makes a commonwealth work . Their myopic  focus on efficiency blinds them to thinking about wider effectiveness issues long term .

Politically too,  they are as dumb as monoculturalists get! Are they stupid enough to not realise that it is their arrogance that so offensive to the electorate and rightly so? November elections ??

If only life was as simple as cutting yourself some cake from the margins we could all become parasites .
Living life like leeches  ?Paradoxically the fungus looks after the algae in the most sustainable commonwealth in the earths history - Lots of our leaders have only ignorance and arrogance to recommend their brilliniance .