Monday, October 31, 2011

The scourge of education in Australia

Sometimes it takes some strong words from people on the edge to unsettle the comfort zone of PCpredjudice in the soft centre . Opera man Richard Gill on qanda tonight ".standardized testing is the great scourge of education in Australia".
Who promotes this simplicity  ? Narrow focused People who think by subdividing the subject they have mastered it  unfortunately this seems to be all the major parties who have lost sight of greed management and envy and think only the market knows what its doing .If our leaders think they are just treading water for industry , perhaps they should resign and go back to myopia where problem solving is indeed easier..
 Real human power and greater knowledge only comes if you believe in it.  
Gill is very welcome on qanda because he knows his limits - great artists and scientists don't assume they know "the answers" unlike many of those who can't see the simple false  presumptions of the program.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The shifting sands of consensus talk

Other blogs of mine in recent times reflect on the increasing occupation of positions of high office by children or trusting souls who move where angels fear to tread .  My faith knows no such territory either here on earth or in families . Such places are pure fiction supported only by the plethora of smoothed over television equivalents of fantasy  that  try to tell us what we don't want to hear -- we are not all friends and we don't all like what we do to each other
To try pack them in under the rafters is to risk certaing an almighty explosion - in real life .

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The high cost of promoting good behaviour

So pleased to hear Productivity Commissioner Gary Banks talk at the Tax summit yesterday about the loose thinking  that is promoted as the only true gospel for motivation - taxes and incentives ."He's calling for the right way and the right extent".
The whole idea is outta control because nearly all poly's now worship at the Church of market mechanisms  ( where Government mustn't do anything,  and price control is the only option)
The bureaucracies just love the idea of developing budgets for behavioural control .( not their own unfortunately )
I wonder when the hypocrisy of believing in yourself , and not believing in yourself,  will hit home .

Some previous blogs where I have called for SPECIFIC PLACE AND TIMING  as one who used to administer incentives and concessions are