Remaking your Brain

Todd Sampson has a great opportunity to promote sound science , How is he going ? Is he using a different formulae from all the previous shows that seek to promote science  programs, as diverse as Quantum .Q&A  Landline , and Dr who ?   
Many of us applied scientists see great limits in following the popular science path - its distracts just as much as it attracts . Color and movement but does it last in careers and commitment ?

The really hard thing is to get a good labor of love and marriage component  to build something lasting . After all, the wiz bang of many of those shows appeals to the worst kind of quick fix .

Worse than that determinists are becoming aware that by not building on the past they get nothing to last.; so what else will be tried ? .The biggest connections that prevent confusion between correlation and causation are in established conservative doctrines that are now not popular to advocate .

ABCTV science has become magicians color noise and movement show; Like it was in medieval times ?- not only a distraction ,but a in complete diversion  Color it may have, but content she is clouded 

I am a bit suspicious of the extent to which this faith in the future causes an overreaching intellectually .In Todd Simpsons new "Remaking our brain" their is more than a hint of denial- after all - we can't really; change our brain  .
What he is saying is we can use our brains which is ONLY what our parents told us ( shock horror SOSO).e While many of the challenges to "think well" are put ,  too confuses correlation with causation in a deterministic view of " why people do things they do "  In TheProject last night he cautioned any motivation other than money - something which highlights the materialists preoccupations on much modern science advocacy . How to do good is not easy  but programs like the Project in part seek to do just that .  What dominates most people most of the time doesn't determine how to deal with how we with use our recreational time ( thinking time)  
My work in resilience tells me to that Todd , in talking pressure on your body is distracted by the silly productivity preoccupations of my generation - better to aim low and win that try and put everyone on a productions machine ( modern materialistic method of creating mental illness). God put a day of rest in the instruction manual for a treason - it would be good for us just as business is 
Todd thought my price of eggs analogy was not enough to change the world ---- amazingly motivation seems to be a bit of a mystery- certainly is to all those laggards who would wait for peer reviewed papers on the subject.. 

Why doesn't Homer move away from Flanders and why does Homer have to get divorced . Do even our heroes have to  be corralled like sheep . Flanders maybe a pain   but so were our parents. Diversity and edgyness is something to be celebrated - diversity of thinking is what remakes our brain really ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and its not rocket science . 



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