Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dear Boss

  • Stick your performance plan!

This is how I get things done.
'I accept loads of risk and review it constantly.
Technically that wastes a bit of time, but I draw all the questions and the doubts of others with me as we get places together. We learn and we train .

If we do it your way, and with y
our blinkered performance plan which requires us to rush harder and faster everywhere, we'll all likely to get killed in the first lane".

The popularity of performance plans with pedants in completely understandable.  Always sensed that many performance plans leave out critical quality information. Sometimes with blinkered managers you have to make things really SIMPLE..
managers may know all the right words but have absolutely no idea how to really place them 

Be sure you know what you know

I am a practical applied environmental scientist, but I love reading some fantastical writing ( eg Tolkien ) at least partly because it reminds me that I don't know very much at all . I enjoy people whose intellectual framework is humility and resist those who want to insist that what they know covers all the bases .
I know one other thing for sure ,
Many of our wannabes restrict our collective vision by thinking they know whenthey don't. when They see as through a dark glass  but don't really know or show intellectual honesty by admitting they that while may only name what's in the picture , they really have no idea about  how to change it or the relationships of resilience with the elements of the picture .

One area where this nonsense has reached its peak in Austrakai is in the management classes .-- the performance plan  Tell me I am wrong . Man is only a machine if your faith is limited to the mechanical mind . Such a room is , to my mind,  like a prison,  and it feels like one . perhaps we all live in a bit of a prison  but fear about ideas outside , rather than tested observation is to my mind dangerous .Some smart arses control debate instead of letting it happen . To go to one of their dinner parties is to find yourself in another room away from all the noise and bleeting. I can't work out why our leaders don't sack many of them.because the only job they are being paid to do ot of the public purse is shoring up an unsustainable regimented and prosaic reactionary religion that is anathema to true public discourse

I am not against rooms , To make categories , is necessary just as it is to know their limits . The word s we use are not gods . We live in a garden , even if its an unweeded and rather scary one .Garden edges merge , In a fantastic way I also believe in walls and boundaries and even doors ( like physics )  I like to think I can often even though I am happy with wall sometimes lob something over it  , Any way - enough of that for now . I will finish my intended post titled "to The Boss " in a shorter post next time ,