More police , more money or just more fear of real personal evil in the audience ?

We don't know how to stop crime but Labor s vulnerability to arguments which blame the criminals environment and not their decision making  wilfulness are the base of their particular failure to support the idea of personal responsibility-- at least part of the wider problem of fear ( not crime incidents )

The hypocrisy of the puppet led Daniel Andrews group is that they would tell us how to bring up children when they appear to have no idea.
Tell me  I'm wrong . Tell John Cain he was wrong to worry 
 If we are to PREVENT /reduce adult problems we must have those quiet  strategies that starts early and understands rather than responds-- like DA's  huge emergency management empires.
Puppets pushed around by the sentiment and unsubstantiated; the highly  reactionary  way they spend our money which is sadly , their right of passage.
You need to stop them hurting others in kinder if you are ever to stop young people making excuses for driving around and damaging people .
The spring street gang JUST want us to be kinder ,but aren't mature enough in their thinking to know and practice some form of apparent cruelty.  
Being cruel to be kind- that doesn't come into it when you are arrogant parents of someone else's children.


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