Progressives get ahead of themselves

New forms of technology can make life easier, but when the suspect faith of many in evolutionary determinism takes hold  adherents can make deep and powerful mistakes .These often powerful religious people  have and will continue to push unreal options  if reality doesn't hit and real truth limits don't touch base.

We all hope Lithium Ion or some new batteries will help manage our power needs,  but they don't just yet ; and the prospects don't look too good .yet certain governments have spent billions subsidizing the airy fairy dream 
As always happens when we are at our most religious,   we refuse to see reality . Last time I looked the critical storage of things like computer hard drives is done with you guessed it - Lead acid batteries --really old technology.,
  The reality in physics is that Ions don't like living close to each other and any voltage above 1.5 sets the parties apart . Explosive stuff.

Thinking we were going to keep warm without coal when wind and solar weren't working is  bout as stupid and blind as one can get YET  Green laborites  have been not only advocating it for decades but spending our money on their dreams.
Realistic scientists.have been fighting blinkered ED groups like they have in ABC for decades Truly time that group got some real practical professional scientists - instead of science worshipers . That religious group have had their say .

Yes, our  religion can be a risk prone problem .( even denying you have one can be a problem )
Make sure yours is a realistic and as predictive as possible when it comes to the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


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