Technology is not the problem, people and their places are

You can give every one cleanwater,  but what they really need is a livelihood . While some simpletons in the past have spent all their pennies on giving people land and houses , the main motivational issue often remains .Men need work and a way to work their patch  that doesn't just kill em.
The West is still busy trying to solve problems out East and south without really understanding why we have solved them here . Its not technology alone -- its how we see things in total . our worldview 

Rural people are still very vulnerable because their dilemma is the deep one . Its them tha are te cannon fooder for war and the patronising half baked solutions of the technocrats.  Its not a market because both scarcity and abundance ooccur out there and the resouces base is sensitive unlike te concrete and steel of cities .
Understand people and you can help them , Its not enough to give them tools - they have to be the right tools in the situation  the right surgery when pain needs to be dealt with .


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